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Cardcaptor Universe

Welcome to my site! Hope you enjoy and please drive carefully.Lol.



Hi, my name is Kelly. Welcome to Cardcaptor Universe. My site is all about the magical girl we know as Sakura Avalon. There will be galleries, fanfictions, episode guide, character info, and other stuff.

I'll mainly use this site to post lots of favorite pictures of Sakura and her friends. All fanfics on this site don't belong to me. They were allowed to be used by the nice authors who gave me permission. If you would like one of your pictures to be publsihed on my site, send me the pic and I will post it, dedicated to you.



What's New?

Updates should happen every day, if I feel like it. ^_^.  I'll be updating as much as possible, so it should be every day.

Galleries will be updated as soon as I find some good pics. As I said before, if you would like your own pics to be on the site, just email them to me and I will post them.
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Please email me with reviews and pictures. My email address will be on the Contact Me page.