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Cardcaptor Universe


Fanfictions - All fanfics on this site do not belong to me. The authors have very kindly agreed to let me post them, as long as I say I don't own them. Feel free to send a review to the authors and also try out their other fics.

                                             Window Girl
                                        by therealkimsweird
Syaoran has never really liked any girls in his neighborhood, because they've all been above the age of 50. however one day the moving truck pulls in with Sakura, what will he think?
                                         The Girl Next Door
                                     by Moon Sunflower 6389
Syaoran Li and his family have new neighbors! Supposedly, only the Li clan is allowed to have Card Capturing powers. What happens when Syaoran finds out that Sakura Kinomoto, the new girl that moved in, has those powers? Will it be hate at first sight... or something more?
                                                The Boy Next Door
                                                   by sexy2hotti
There's a new neighbour in town and all of a sudden he seems to have his eyes on Sakura. Why? She doesn't know. Completed.
                                                    Tears Of Heartbreak
                                                      by Misty Amethyst
Syaoran and Sakura are bestfriends. But in comes Sophie. Syaoran starts to like Sophie leaving Sakura heartbroken. But slowly Syaoran learns who he really loves, who has always been there waiting, who has been there for him the whole time? His best friend.
                                                      Sweetest Seduction
                                                           by Mungbeans
She wants him but he's Japan's most notorious multi-billionaire. He wants her but she's a prostitute. An electrifying attraction crackles between them. They gave into their desires, now what's going to happen?
                                                      Stuck In The Middle
                                                 by Kawaii Tenshi no Hikari
Syaoran Li has been best friends with Sakura ever since he was four. However, his girlfriends seem to have a problem with him being near Sakura. What can poor Syaoran do?
                                                    by Ying Fa-2016
Sakura is the most popular girl in school and so is Syaoran but.. they do not know each other.. What will happen if they meet? Will love blossom?
                                                   Made For Each Other
                                                     by sakura-san19
Sakura Kinomoto is a rich 19-year-old girl, a simple school life and a simple life at home, even though she is rich. But what happens when the guy she used to love comes back in her life? And what happens when someone tries to steal him away from her?
                                       Love Is In The Most Unexpected Places
                                                        by angellite418
Sakura has always loved those fairy tale romances but in reality, love is often unexpected...
                                                      Love In Cyber Space
                                                               by Hitaru
Sakura hates Li, and so does he...can IMing change that?
                                                      Hoeee, I'm Pregnant
                                                      by MoshiMoshiQueen
Sakura is a hoe, who sleeps around and ends up pregnant. She ends up staying with rich, mama's boy Syaoran, who could be the father of her baby.
                                                      Expect The Unexpected
                                                            by kute-lido-azn
Sakura bumps in to Syoaran again when they were shopping. Syoaran has done something terribly wrong to Sakura. Except Syoaran doesn’t know. Nobody told Syoaran why Sakura left all of a sudden for 4 years. Thing is Syoaran raped Sakura.
                                                     Another Chance For Love
                                                      by yingfacherryblossom
Sakura and Syaoran got married when they were 18 years old. But there marrige didn't work and 2 years later got a divorce. Now 4 years after there divorce they met again. What will happen? Will they get back together?
                                                              All That She Is
                                                           by Crow Sk ywalker
Sakura's recently moved to Tomoeda. Syaoran makes a bet that he can have any girl, even her. But when he finds out who she really is...the adventure's only just beginning.

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