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Cardcaptor Universe

Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon/Akizuki Nakuru


Japanese Name: Akizuki Nakura
Birthday: October 13
Age: 17
Blood Type: AB 
Eye Colour: Dark Red
Hair Color: Brown
Favorite Flower: Moonlight Beauty
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Secret
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite Recipe: None
Favorite Class: Math
Least Favorite Class: None
Clubs: None
Ruby Moon
Master: Eriol Hiiragizawa
Birthday: Secret (Different from Nakura's)
Temporary Form: Nakura Akizuki
Symbol :Moon
Aspect: Light
Eye Colour: Dark Red
Hair Colour: Red
Magic: Western magic
Favorite Food: Doesn't eat
Favorite Thing: Being annoying
Least Favorite Thing: Boring stuff


Pretty in pink...isn't my hair supposed to be red?


Pretty diabolical, oh yes I know I'm pretty


Just like a away....just dont look under my dress


Meow....oops....that's Spinner's job


How did you find out my hair dying secrets?


Oh my, I really do look better with my mouth open


Ouh, look.....split personality!
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